Voltage, Phase and HZ Ratings
All Aqua-Air electrical products have an electrical rating that is comprised of three components:

  Voltage (V)
  Phase (PH)
  Frequency (HZ)

One of the main considerations when purchasing an Aqua-Air marine air conditioning unit is "What power supply do I have from my on-board generator or shore power supply?".

Some of the more common voltage ratings are as follows:

100International, 50 Hz
110US, 60 Hz
115US, 60 Hz
120US, 60 Hz
125US, 60 Hz
200International, 50 Hz
220International, 50 Hz
208US, 60 Hz
230US, 60 Hz
240US, 60 hZ
240International, 50 Hz

Equipment will be supplied in either single ( 1 Ph ) or three phase ( 3 Ph ) configuration. Most small motors (under 5 HP) are supplied in a single phase configuration while larger motors will be three phase. All self contained units are single phase ( 1 Ph ).

There are two standard frequencies that power is supplied at: 50 Hz for most international supply and 60 Hz for all US based systems. Some equipment that is rated for 60 Hz operation can be operated on 50 Hz power, but at a decrease in capacity of 17%. This equipment will have a 50/60 Hz rating indicating it can be used for both. If it does not have that rating it can only be used on the frequency, 50 or 60 Hz, that is marked on the unit label.